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Modern Houseboat


$165,000 Thousand

Property Description

Floating vacation rentals domestic and abroad. A 320 sq foot of wall space is housed in a 40 foot by 8 foot floating steel structure that has a full bedroom, bathroom with full shower, kitchen, refrigerator microwave and plenty of storage space, living room.

Flat screen TV’s in both the living area and bedroom. Full length sliding windows with usable roof top deck with propane grill and sitting area offering great views and an additional 320 sq feet of usable space.

It is our goal to bring these floating hotel rooms throughout Florida and the world for Marinas, Floating resorts or the backyard.

We have designed this autonomous vessel with options and upgrades that allow the vessel to be 100% off grid such as solar and battery backup. The vessel disposes its own waste with a PEX coast guard approved marine disposal system ( MSD) and generates its own water using a desalination plant to produce enough fresh water for showers, dishes and drinking water.

We are seeking investor partners to co-own the Floatels and share in the net revenue 50/50.

The investor will provide a” Floatel” that is vacation rental ready at a projected starting cost of $165,000 fully furnished and ready to be rented on a short term basis using platforms such as AIrbnb, VRBO, and others.

Projected annual net revenue for the investor is $36,000 per year or over a 20% cash on cash annual return.

A 100% first year tax write off may be available to qualified investors. Time of delivery and payment is 50% down and 50% before delivery.

12 weeks from a signed order and a nonrefundable 5% deposit received for delivery.

For more information and questions about partnerships, dealerships and investment opportunities please contact us.

Main Area

320 Sqft

Main Location

Florida, USA


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