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Oscar Soley Soler

Oscar Soley Soler

Mr. Oscar Soley Soler provides his services as a corporate lawyer and advisor in the field of investments. He has been an active professional for 44 years.

As part of his experience, we point out that he served as an external lawyer for the National Bank of Costa Rica, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, the National Insurance Institute, the Private Investment Corporation and the Interfin Bank. He represents companies with interests in the tourism sector (Hotels with European capital and travel agencies). Costa Rican American mixed capital companies in the field of providing services in medical sciences, industries in the field of metal mechanics and banana activity and real estate development. He served as a lawyer for the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, the Real Estate Development Council and advisor to the Costa Rican Water Association.

He works as a company lawyer.

In the public sector, he served as advisor to the Vice-Presidency of the Republic 1974-1978, attorney for the Pacific Electric Railway, for the Atlantic Slope Development Board (JAPDEVA), and member of the Administrative Tax Court.

Deputy to the Congress of the Republic 1990-1994, lawyer for the Development Corporation of Costa Rica. Member of the Commission for the Study of the Initiative for the Americas and the Economic Integration Process, of which he was Secretary in the period 1990-1991 and President in the period 1992-1994. Member of the Economic Affairs Commission of the Costa Rican Parliament 1990-1992-1993-1994.

Ana Elena Loria Q.

Ana Elena Loria Q.

Cultural Ambassador at de Embassy of Costa Rica in Madrid, Spain.

Participant in the creation of the foundation of the National Organization of Congresses, conventions and events in Costa Rica.

Founding partner of Vivar Travel Agency, member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), for 18 years.

President of Congrexpo S.A (organizing congresses , events, and conventions).

Partner of Oceane Investment, merges and acquisitions.
President of Turex S.A

Marcela Soley Loria

Marcela Soley Loria

Marcela is a real estate agent and developer with more than 15 years of experience in real estate in Costa Rica and 8 years of experience in the travel industry as partner of travel agency offering services to US and French tourism travel firms.

She is a versatile and results-oriented professional with experience in housing development projects and corporate real estate, including industrial and commercial property portfolio management.

She is recognized in the country by her customer service excellence orientation, business acumen and a collaborative approach with the aptitude to foster a business development environment.

She is the Business development Director in Turex S.A.

Oscar Soley Loria

Oscar Soley Loria

Lawyer and Notary with a Master's in Business Administration and Doctorate courses in Commercial Law, with seventeen years of experience in Commercial, Corporate, Labor, Civil, Banking, Urban and Environmental Law. Experience in business management having served as CEO of a company in the health sector. A dynamic and creative professional accustomed to working under pressure in diverse environments.


• Responsible for the legal planning of small, medium and large companies related to Commercial and Corporate Law. Responsible for drafting and reviewing contracts. Having an M.B.A. facilitates interaction with the different professionals responsible for decision-making.
• Expert in Urban Law, Real Estate Development, Municipal Law, particularly in matters of Regulatory Plans and Procedures. I have obtained the successful approval of real estate projects in the hospital, tourism, commercial and housing sectors.
• Responsible for the installation in Costa Rica of various foreign companies in the maritime transport, real estate, telecommunications, tourism and advertising sectors. Taking charge of the process from the registration of the company, to the operating permits before the relevant authorities.
• Advisor to financial institutions, in charge of the leasing department, as well as the drafting of mortgages and guarantee and administration trusts.
• I have published articles on the applicability of the Law for the Protection of Citizens Against Excessive Paperwork (8220).

PRESIDENT and CEO​Oct. 13 – Jan. 16
• Successfully led the negotiation with a foreign investment group that wanted to settle in Costa Rica to provide health services.
• I led the process of obtaining permits before the various institutions for the proper operation of the company in the country.
• I proposed the organizational structure of the company in order to make it work more efficiently.
• I implemented compliance standards, both at the level of Costa Rican institutions and US institutions related to the health sector.

LEGAL COUNSEL Jan. 08 – Sept 13
• Responsible for drafting and registering the constitution of condominiums, as well as the respective regulations.
• Advisor to the Board of Directors on issues of interpretation of condominium regulations, as well as the Condominium Law and its Regulations.
• Advise the Board of Directors on issues of complaints made to its professionals before the Federated College of Engineers and Architects (CFIA).
• Responsible for carrying out legal pre-feasibility studies on land before its acquisition, to determine the feasibility of the land for the development that was intended to be built.

LEGAL COUNSEL Jan. 06 – Sept 13
• Advisor to the Board of Directors on issues of real estate development, urban planning, red tape and environmental law.
• Advisor in conducting Assemblies of Associates, successfully managing them in an orderly manner and respecting the statutes of the association.
• I advised the Board of Directors and the new statutes of the Association were drawn up.
Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, updating them to the current legislation of the country.

LEGAL COUNSEL Jan. 07 – Sept 13
• Advisor to the General Management on real estate development issues.
• Collaborated in the negotiation and drafting of all types of private contracts, specifically related to the subject of construction.

LEGAL COUNSEL Jan. 00 – Sept 13
• Advisor on issues related to corporate and labor law.
• Responsible for drafting and registration of assembly minutes, management of legal books as well as review and drafting of all types of private contracts.

LEGAL ADVISOR Jun. 00 – Sept 13
• Advisor on issues related to telecommunications, corporate law, civil, commercial and labor law.
• Led the process of obtaining operating permits in Costa Rica at the time the telecommunications monopoly was opened.

LEGAL COUNSEL Jan. 03 – Dec. 09
• Responsible for the study, analysis and preparation of proposals related to bills, regulations and decrees that affected or were linked to the real estate development sector.
• I collaborated in the drafting of the Regulations for the Law Regulating Condominium Property.
• I collaborated in the study and drafting of the project

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