Costa Rica

Costa Rica touches the heart and mind, not through elegant boulevards, towering cathedrals, or an imposing place in history but through its incredible natural beauty and a gracious people disposed to please, kindness, and a generosity of spirit.

The natural beauty of Costa Rica is combined with the hospitality of its people, which underlies every facet of the country tourist services.

Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies in the Americas (its first election held in 1889) and the oldest in Latin America. Its history and political system, contrast with those of neighbor nations. In addition to this, the country dismantled its army in 1949 and it is perpetually at peace with excellent educational and health care systems.

This political and economical stability has attracted many international organizations, such as the Inter American Court of Human Rights, the Earth Council and the International Development Bank. Furthermore, this environment fosters long term planning for multinational corporations like Intel, Abbott, Baxter, Microsoft, Conair, etc.

One of the Costa Ricans greatest assets is a well-educated people. The literacy rate is more than 94%, and the country has one of the highest rates of college and technical school attendance in the world. Costa Ricans are also very computer literate, with the highest ratio of computers to people anywhere in Latin America.

The money used previously to the army was earmarked to education and health care systems. Thus Costa Rica enjoys a life expectancy higher than 76 years, the student population is 25% of total, and the 95% of total population (3.5 millions) is covered by health care.

As one of the worlds top tourist destinations, Costa Rica also has a lot to offer in terms of modern facilities and hotel infrastructure. In this context, more and more companies are sending their star employees to Costa Rica for incentive vacations.


Around the country you will find hotels in every price range, and a seemingly limitless variety of food to suit every taste. Accommodations range from luxurious, all-inclusive resorts to economical small hotels and cabins.

Variety is what makes Costa Rica such an exciting country to visit. It is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, a treasure house of flora and fauna unequaled in so small area. About 25% of the country area is protected as National Parks and Wild life Refuges. The national park system is complemented by a growing number of private protected areas.

In Costa Rica you can find: breathtaking tropical beaches where you can swim, snorkel, dive, surf, fish and sea kayak; clean rivers that range from white water rippers to tranquil jungle waterways; spectacular waterfalls; extensive haciendas and plantations; scenic mountains and rain forest; erupting awesome volcanoes and more. There is just too much to see and do!!!


On the other hand, nature lovers enjoy Costa Rica because of its remarkable diversity of orchids, plants, birds, butterflies, mammals, fish, frogs, and other wild life. Casual tourist and dedicated nature traveler alike come under the spell of a natural wonderland.

Costa Rica has something to everybody!!!